Our company carries out outsourcing of a part of the production and logistics processes, and it has been active on the international market since 2012. We are incorporated in HRBC Group, a holding of consulting, recruitment and outsourcing companies. Therefore, we are capable of guaranteeing the services provided at the superior level, delivering our customers long-term satisfaction with the cooperation and visible results. With our employees – motivated to work, experienced, competent and efficient, every day we support our Clients in the production and logistics processes, saving their time and money.


We specialize in:

We provide support, among others, in:

● outsourcing of warehouse spaces
● outsourcing of production lines
● outsourcing of teams of employees at the production facility of a Client
● recruitment of employees
● accommodation for employees
● comprehensive accounting services
● administration formalities related to the employment of skilled workers from Central&East Europe

We operate in the following industries:

With us you gain:

Are the processes taking place in your company not effective and so they increase your costs?

Do you need the support of skilled professionals, but you do not want to hire them full time? Take advantage of the outsourcing of production processes! Contact us and we will present you the perfect solution for you and your company!
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